America’s Top Dentists

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Dr. Wolff was honored again this year as one of  “America’s Top Dentists” by the Consumer’s Research Council of America, a Washington D.C. based research organization that provides consumer information guides for professional services. The stated purpose of the CRCA is to educate and assist consumers in finding the finest professional services. They do not receive fees, donations,  sponsorships, or advertising from any individuals, professionals, associations or corporations to insure unbiased selection.

Puget Sound Consumer’s Checkbook Top Dentist

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We were pleased to see that the latest Puget Sound Consumer’s Checkbook dental practice ratings have once again rated our practice “superior” this year. We were one of only 4 practices in West Seattle to be rated so highly. The results are based on an extensive survey of patients.   Well over 13000 patients took part in this survey. Unlike other ratings sources, Consumer’s Checkbook is a non-profit magazine and website, free of advertising and outside influence, dedicated to helping Puget Sound area consumers find high-quality,  reasonably priced services. The categories the practices were rated on included producing expected results, being gentle, prevention, pleasant staff, waiting time,  pleasant and clean office, and overall care and service.

SOPROLife Caries Detection Technology

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Our office is proud to incorporate a new and very accurate cavity detecting technology into our practice to provide the best in dental care to our patients.

With the widespread use of fluoride, the very nature of tooth decay has changed. The outer surfaces of teeth are strengthened and can resist  probing with a dental instrument yet the surface can be porous allowing tooth decay to spread undetected.

These pit and fissure cavities on the biting surface of a tooth are traditionally the most difficult to detect using x-rays due to the direction the images are taken from. Images are taken from the side of the tooth, which essentially hides the cavity from the dentists view.  These Cavity Detectors help us to find these types of cavities.  

X-ray imaging is still an indispensable diagnostic tool for dentistry.  We use environmentally friendly digital x-ray imaging to provide very detailed radiographs on our computer screens with a fraction of the radiation used in conventional radiography. This also allows you to view the x-rays with us.  X-rays and Cavity Detectors complement each other. X-rays are good at finding cavities in between teeth and on the roots.  Cavity Detectors are good at finding cavities on the tooth’s biting surface.

Our office currently uses two types of Cavity Detectors:  SOPROLife and DIAGNOdent

SOPROLife is a new imaging fluorescence device aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of caries.  The auto fluorescence technology in SOPROLife allows us to detect decay, even in its earliest stages, which can often be missed by the eyes or by x-rays.  It also allows us to differentiate healthy from infected tissue in order to remove only the tissue which is diseased.  The light penetrates the enamel outer layer and shows the healthy dentin in a green color and the decayed dentin in red. SOPROLife  is free from ultraviolet or ionizing rays.


DIAGNOdent uses a laser beam to aide in the detection of caries. DIAGNOdent is first calibrated to your unique tooth structure by scanning a cleaned tooth surface with a harmless laser beam. After calibration we will gently scan your teeth. A small counter top unit emits an audio signal and registers a digital read-out, which identifies cavities developing below the surface.  The higher the amount of fluorescence detected by the machine, the greater the degree of decay within the tooth.


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Welcome to our new website.

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We will be using this blog to provide helpful information and keep you posted on the latest clinic news. The following info is good to know:

Parking – The courtyard behind our building next to Hotwire coffee shop is a private lot for the convenience of our patients.  We have the  free West Seattle Sidewalk Cinema there during the summer on Saturday evenings.

Amenities – We want your appointment to be relaxed and comfortable. We offer Bose noise reduction headphones (Use our music or bring your own), warm herbal neck pillows, blankets, dark safety glasses (no one likes that bright light in the face), and bite rests.  We work with many people who may have had a bad experience in the past and are very anxious about dental treatment but realize putting off treatment will only make things worse. Oral conscious sedation, gentle technique and comforting surroundings can make a big difference. We have extensive training and many years of experience in sedation dentistry.

Emergencies – Our patients of record have the security of knowing that if a dental emergency occurs after hours, help and advice is just a phone call away. 24/7/365. During office hours, we see emergency patients the same day. Toothache, swelling, bleeding, severe pain, trauma – you need help right away – call and we will work you in.